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Aggressive has developed apps since 2009, it's been a wild ride. Today this is a one man company, based in Stockholm Sweden, crafting apps more furiously than ever.

At the moment I focus almost entirely on Qiozk Solo. Aggressive Development has published 15 apps under its own name, and many more for other companies. More than 60 Solo-apps have been built for Swedish publishers, most of them are however not available anymore on neither Appstores.

If you are looking for someone to develop a custom built app, I'm sadly not available at the moment.

Feeds is an news/rss app that streams webpages into your pocket. Feeds is the next application from the furious mind of Aggressive Development (that's me) - giving everyone easy access to all your news and other blogs in the most elegant and efficient way possible. Everything streamlined in a convenient feed.

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Quick update


I have not written anything in almost a year, not that it matters much since there are so few readers - but it matters to me. And the drive-by readers I get on occasion. The reason is of-course that I have been swamped with stuff to do, and absolutely no time for anything but the most important. That is going to change soon, that must change. 

Low hanging iOS fruit


As a iOS developer and devoted user there are a million things I would like to see changed to push the platform forward. If I could only pick one, it would be Gatekeeper for iOS.

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